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Advisor to Poroshenko called OSCE mission useless

November 19, 2014

Advisor to Poroshenko believes that work of OSCE mission in Ukraine is useless

Advisor to Poroshenko called OSCE mission in Ukraine useless

Igor Smeshko, Advisor to President Poroshenko, head of committee on Intelligence.

According to him, OSCE is useless by a large account. ‘We need help of international community’, – Smeshko says.

According to him, currently Ukraine has 2 main enemies – corruption and Russia. Advisor the President believes that entry of Baltic States into NATO became an impulse for Russian president Vladimir Putin to begin global escalation. ‘After that he called Ukraine a ‘fake state’ during NATO summit in Bucharest’, – advisor to the president said.

On November 14 OSCE mission increased the number of observers in Donbas.


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