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On the adoption of bill on lustration

Who ‘helped’ deputies to adopt the necessary bill on lustration

On the adoption of bill on lustration
 Lustration stele in Dnipropetrovsk

On Tuesday, September 16 representatives of Auto-Maidan and the Right Sector and other activists gathered on Grushevskiy street in Kyiv. They blocked the movement of vehicles along the street to conduct demonstration and demand the adoption of the law on lustration.

Besides, protesters captured Deputy Vitaliy Zhuravskiy and threw him into one of dustbins that the Right Sector had brought. The activists shouted that the deputy is one of those who is guilty for the bloodshed in Donbas and Ukraine in general.

After midday when the bill was not yet adopted the activists brought tires and burned them, there were explosions.

In the evening officers of  fire service extinguished the fire. When the adoption of the bill was announced, most of the activists left the place.


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