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35 evidence that Adele covers sound amazing with any instrument (really) + Ukrainian take

Who has never heard about Adele? Even if you are not a fan of her music style you must have heard her world known singles or Adele covers. She is the best selling artist and one of the most influential women of our time. She is an amazing singer with an incredible, deep voice and just an amazing person.

Her influence at music today is great. And those who earn by making video covers cannot just pass by Adele’s music.

35 evidence that Adele covers sound amazing with any instrument (really)

After the release of ‘Hello’ in late 2015, there was a boom of new covers by plenty of musicians. Some of them just sang the song while the others applied all creativity they had to create something outstanding. You can find traditional covers using guitar, piano, violin as well as something new like folk instruments, symphony orchestra or folk instruments orchestra, cello, percussion, drums, bandura – just everything! Would you like some reggae style or rock? Here you go!

And Ukrainian musicians joined the flow as well to bring their part into the multicoloured kaleidoscope of covers.

In this post, we gathered Adele covers that prove that her music can be played on every instrument (or even without instrument) beautifully.

So, sit comfortably and prepare to have goosebumps because of these outstanding sounds.

Vocals + instruments covers

Here we tried to collect the most interesting versions of songs accompanied not only piano or guitar.

Do you sometimes listen to a song and wonder how it might sound if produced in another style? Or other 5 styles? Other 20 styles? This is no madness and luckily there is a guy Anthony Vincent from Ten Second Songs who can do this!

What Anthony basically does: he takes a song and picks up twenty or more styles of other musicians and sings a line or two in the different style. Some of the choices are pretty weird and some sound just perfect. In his cover of ‘Hello’ he experimented in the styles of Alice in chains, Backstreet Boys, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The police, Lil Wayne, Pink Floyd, Green Day and many others including even Elton John!

Anthony also asks his fans to vote for the best style to do a complete cover. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Adele in Green Day style – here you go!

The next cover unites three musicians – Kurt Hugo Schneider (the piano), Sam Tsui and Casey Breves (vocals).

This is not an ordinary singing with the piano. The guys’ hitting the drums is what makes this video great. Add nice piano accompaniment and two voices blending together to get something really perfect.

Another great cover comes from Alex Boye and this man combines even more than you can expect. Alex Boye’s style is quite unique because he ‘takes pop songs and Africanizes them’. African instruments combined with voice of Alex make his covers sound like a fresh air.

In his African tribal cover of ‘Hello’ he went even further and added Star Wars flavor by dressing himself as Imperial Military and playing around with a light sword.

Unexpected combination Star Wars dancing and African drums hitting – this blows your mind a bit, but you can’t stop loving it!

The next cover comes from Leroy Sanchez. This is just a guy singing ‘Hello’ to microphone with his headphones on accompanied by the piano. Simple black and white imagery and guy looks at a piece of paper with text of the song. Nothing special to expect? Wrong. Because this guy is amazing. We totally love the way his voice sounds!

Now let’s move to something new. Are you ready for reggae? Because this is what Conkarah and Rosie Delmah deliver. These two great folks prove that Adele songs can sound beautifully in plenty of styles. Just listen to them if you don’t believe. Girl’s voice is something amazing! Would you agree she should look into the camera more frequently?

If you haven’t got enough of reggae here is another version by Khemistry and Dlab The Band. This Adele cover video is good because of great imagery – man signing and the band playing on the top of the cliff. Singer’s voice and reggae music make ‘Hello’ sound different, but great anyway.

The next guy on our list proves that Adele songs are good to rock the stage. Metal cover by Leo Moraccihioli stands out of the crowd due to his voice and the way the guy enjoys playing and singing. Actually he does a variety of cover music video from acoustic to metal.

This version is far from being lyrical as the original, but who would expect that from a guy who rocks like that? The idea for musical video is rather entertaining as well. Plus one for this great beard!

These guys are called Walk of the Earth and they suggest you to be taken to a place where nothing can affect you. And this is so true! Their variety of music style is hard to describe but easy to fall in love with.

Firs time you see this music video it makes you think like: ‘What? What is in their hands? What are they doing to zippers? Why do they need cymbal on the ceiling?’

But wait until you watch, and then fall in love with this tap dance cover.

In case you haven’t got enough they have another version.

A Cappella Adele covers

Introducing two gurus of a cappella singing on YouTube – Peter Hollens and Mike Tompkins. Since 2011 when these covers were released these guys reached their million of subscribers and fame. Let’s go back in time a bit.

Peter Hollens is an American a cappella cover artist. The music he produces is done by human voice and mouth (and some claps). In his music Peter combines up to 100 and even more tracks of his voice.

Enjoy great a cappella cover of ‘Turing tables’ and ‘Someone like you’ mixed together.

Mike Tompkins is another a cappella artist and producer who uses his voice to reproduce plenty of instruments like piano, hihat, kick, snare, bass etc. This cover of ‘Rolling in the deep’ is also outstanding for dozens of hilarious facial expressions of Mike and compilation describing how the cover was recorded.

In order to find out more about vocal covers of Adele try this 20 best ‘Hello’ covers and this The best covers of Adele from Huffington Post.

Adele covers with instruments only

Here we’d like to show unexpected instruments and their combination and how beautifully they can sound if given to the right hands.

Let’s start with just the piano.

The guy who called his channel pianomusings created a good karaoke version of ‘Hello’ with lyrics. So, if you feel an urge to sing – here you go!

Another version to sing to comes from Jacob from Denmark. The video does not offer anything spectacular except for the guy and instrument he plays. However, this video is well worth a like for its peaceful sound. Simply and beautiful.

We’ve heard lots of versions of ‘Hello’ and more is still to come. What about other Adele’s songs. There is a guy Jacu who has created an amazing piano version of ‘When we were young’. Watching him pressing the keys is meditating.

Piano + sting instruments

As soon as you’ve enjoyed the piano you are ready to combine it with the strings to get more awesome things.

The first in this section are The Piano Guys. By creating plenty of covers these men have already proven that the piano and cello and not instruments to be bored with. This cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ cannot leave you indifferent to it. Also, try to calculate how many cellos Steven Nelson uses :)

Brooklyn Duo is another duet who masters piano and cello. Listening to music produced by this couple bring feelings of harmony and peacefulness. Is it their love to each other or love to music? Or both? We do not know. We just enjoy their covers of ‘Hello’ and ‘Someone Like You’ and wish you do the same.

Phil Thompson, Cory Grossman and Josh Misner are the performers of the next cover of ‘Hello’. The combination of piano, cello and violin makes the tune really sensitive and impressive. The visual part of this cover is also great due to drone filming and close-ups. The musicians say that this video was inspired by The Piano Guys. We hope it inspires you just like it did for us.

Piano + saxophone

Another amazing version comes from Mbandi. Having a goal to create something different the musician did an amazing job. Saxophone has the same power as Adele’s voice in original tune. Mbandi also added piano, cello and African vocal harmonies to enhance the sound.

String instruments only

This cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ comes from Simply Three – an amazing trio of musicians consisting of violinist, cellist and bassist. These guys create amazing modern music covers using their classic instruments in all possible creative ways. Cellist seems to enjoy what he does most of all :)

Jun Curry Ahn is from Korea and he makes good music with his violin. Take a look at his lyrical covers of ‘Hello’, ‘Someone like you’ and ‘Skyfall’. His music videos are minimal in terms of visual imagery and good in terms of sound.

This list would definitely not be complete without Steven Sharp Nelson from The Piano Guys. Yes, we’ve mentioned them already, but this particular tune surely deserves a separate position.

The Piano Guys do not simply compose or make covers, they blend styles and even centuries into truly unique tracks. In addition to great sound the guys deliver videos shot in amazing sets.

Thanks Steven Nelson for this amazing mixture of Mozart’s Lacrimosa and Adele’s ‘Hello’. This couldn’t be more inspiring. The tune is made of 100 acoustic and electric cello tracks and has really interesting description below the video.

Also, when watching, try to calculate how many Stevens you see :)

Another well done cover comes from Nathan Chan and ThatViolaKid who blend cello and (guess what?) viola into a great cover. Nathan Chan discovered his musical talent before he learned how to run and actually read music. His talent set him up on an amazing music journey that continues today. ThatViolaKid is another guy proving that classical music is up-to-date and fun to do. Watching their inspired playing is a pure joy.

Rock and guitar

This karaoke version comes from artist nicknamed Uncertain Sound and he really rocks with his many guitars. This version can be used for doing cover by yourself. We are curious how Adele might sound singing to this.

Musicraphy delivers classic guitar covers of songs. His version of ‘Make you feel my love’ is gentle and meditative. That is exactly what you need to relax or sing along. Also check out cover of ‘Hello’.

Another stunning guitar performance comes from Sungha Jung – one of the most outstanding guitar cover musicians of today. He joined YouTube and started doing covers at the age of 10, now he is 20 and his talent is great beyond all doubts.

Another cover for you to enjoy is created by Ely Jaffe in a style of slide guitar. The sound is different from everything we have heard before.

Give me sparkling creativity!

After strings, guitars and pianos it’s time for outstanding creativity from all over the world. Some names of the instruments are hard to recollect or pronounce, but this does not diminish their beautiful sound. Let’s go!

Boys brass band is great! If you don’t think so it means you’ve never hear Lucky Chops playing. These guys believe that positive music changes the world and they are really good in doing what they love. Don’t just believe our words – watch their cover of ‘Hello’. Watching 6 men playing in lights of setting sun is pure pleasure.

Ukrainian take

This cover of ‘Hello’ comes from three musicians – Maksym Berezhnyuk, Yaroslav Dzhus and Valentyn Bogdanov. What makes this video unique is a combination of folk instruments: bandura (traditional Ukrainian string instrument) djembe, pan-flute, pipe and duduk (Armenian double-reed woodwind flute). The video itself is not spectacular at all, just three guys concentrated on playing sensitive music with half a dozen instruments. But as soon as you put your headphones, close your eyes and let the music carry you – you’ll understand why we love this version.

Now it’s time for our – close relative of lute and ancestor of the guitar. Ahmed Alshaiba is a self-taught oud player and this instrument gives quite a new sound to his version of ‘Hello’.

Ukrainian take

If you still haven’t got enough of folk instruments here is a version of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ performed on bandura and button accordion. Musicians of B&B project started their career on YouTube only a year ago, but their amazing music already attracts attention in Ukraine. Just like violinists or cellists they prove that classical or folk does not mean ‘boring’ or ‘for orchestra only’.

Find out more about B&B project here and here.


Ukrainian take

The first on this list is Ukrainian National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments or NAOFI. This crowd of inspired professional music lovers shows that 60 people and 40 folk instruments is pretty enough to rock the stage. Among the traditional Ukrainian instruments they play are bandura, hammered dulcimer (percussion and string instrument), kobza, lyre, kozobas and so on.

In addition to classical tracks the orchestra performs covers of popular songs. Their versions of ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ are something that surely deserves attention.

Find out more about this orchestra here.

This cover of ‘Hello’ comes from Symphony orchestra composed and arranged by Antonin Charvat. Violin, cello, flute and other classical instruments team up to create this amazing sound.

Have you seen that Carpol karaoke video where Adele sings rap? Would you like to hear her singing ‘Hello’ like that or try to sing it yourself? Here is a rap instrumental cover by Luxlo Beats to sing along.

A bit of rap and reggae for voice practice

Another good version is reggae instrumental karaoke by MusicClassroom. This cover is good for doing your own cover in reggae style or just for voice practice.

So, the list is complete. Our goal was to prove that amazing music can be done with any combination of instruments, even at first glance they do not seem suitable.

What is the key takeaway? One does not simply cover Adele – one does it beautifully.

We’ve started this post in search for creativity and ended up with a ton of inspiration and dozens of new tracks on the play lists. We hope the music inspires you as well!

In case we’ve missed a cover that you adore – feel free to suggest it in the comments down below.

Source: YouTube, Wikipedia

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