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Activists Yevhen Melnychuk, Tetiana Tkachenko and Oleksiy Tamrazov told about attacks and abuses in Crimea

Kyiv, March, 21st, 2014 – Unidentified men in military uniforms and masks stole Yevhen Melnychuk from the apartment and beat him up. Yevhen is an activist from Sevastopol, who had been actively helping the Ukrainian military since March 5th. The victim himself reported about this at the briefing in Ukrainian media crisis center.

The first attempt to attack the apartment of Yevhen, he said, was made on March 15th, but the police came in time. “Their task was to pick me up from there and bring out”, Yevhen said. The police forced the activist to write a statement on the robbery committed in his apartment and released him.

On the same day Tetiana Tkachenko, an employee of the Cyprus news agency, Russian by nationality, was kidnapped from Eugene’s apartment. People who captured Tatiana accused her of terrorism and then in espionage. As a result, after psychological pressure, the journalist was released.

The second attempt to take Eugene Melnychuk captive was made on March 16th. A group of 10 people began threaten Yevhen’s parents with weapon, as a result he was forced to surrender voluntarily. Yevhen was beaten, broken maxillary sinus and jaw smashed. As he said, he was interrogated in the headquarters of the border guards in Balaclava.

Another activist Oleksiy Tamrazov was attacked a number of times during a trip by car to Crimea. According to Oleksiy, he went to Crimea on March 3rd in a group of 16 vehicles to assess the situation on the peninsula on the ground. As they moved to the Crimea, the activists were detained a few times, while the car was fired on.

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