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Activists created a web-page with list of MP button-pressers

Activists created a web-page with list of MP button-pressers

Activists have created and published a web page with a list of deputies – button-pressers or cheaters.

Activists of public movement ‘Chesto’ [frankly] launched a separate section on their website which is dedicated to members of parliament who cheat during the voting (

Authors of the project published list of deputies of Verkhovna Rada who did button pressing in parliament, they voted for other deputies.

21 button-pressers violate Constitution

Currently the list includes 21 deputies. In addition to names authors published such information as: fraction to which the politician belongs, date of registered violation and direct photo and video evidence.

According to the list, the most active among button-pressers in current Verkhovna Rada convocation is former deputy of Party of Regions, current leader of Deputy group ‘Renaissance’ Vitaliy Khomutynnik, who was caught red-handed for 4 times already.

Button-pressing is the negative practice which appeared in Ukrainian parliament. It means non-personal voting when deputy votes for other deputies using their cards. Button-pressing in violations of Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the Parliament according to which the MP should vote personally.


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