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Active phase of exchange of prisoners has begun

December 26, 2014

Security Service of Ukraine states the beginning of the active phase of exchange of prisoners

Active phase of exchange of prisoners has begun

Security Service of Ukraine informs that negotiations on exchange of prisoners are in the active phase and they are preparing to inform about their termination in several hours.

Advisor to the head of Ukrainian Security Service Markian Lubkivsky has informed this in Kyv.

‘We have entered the active phase of implementation of operation on exchange of prisoners… that is why we do not comment it before we have results. I think that in several hours we will be able to inform the society, primarily the families, that the operation is finished’, – said Mr. Lubkivsky.

Meanwhile National Security and Defense Council does not hurry to disclose the details of the operation. NSDC spokesperson Andriy Lysenko asked the journalists not to speed up the situation.

Russian news agency TASS informs that terrorists of Donetsk People’s Republic take Ukrainian hostage to Yasyvata checkpoint to exchange them for terrorist fighters.

The hostages are transported in buses (about 40 people in each). The column is escorted with about 20 vehicles including representatives of OSCE.

On December 25 Mr.Lubkivskiy said that during negotiation on December 24 it had been agreed to exchange 150 Ukrainian hostages for 225 terrorists.

Previosuly Security Service of Ukraine informed that terroriss delayed exchange of hostages.

Meanwhile, accoding to the latest data, 684 Ukrainian citizens are kept hostages in occupied Donbas.

Source:, Security Service of Ukraine


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