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Active offensive operation in the ATO zone continue. – NSDC

August 22, 2014

NSDC: The ATO forces continue operation to liberate town in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

Active offensive operation in the ATO zone continue. - NSDC

This was reported by NSDC Information centre spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

The ATO forces continue active offensive operation in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. There are continuing battles to liberate 11 settlements in mentioned oblasts. The ATO forces attacks are lead to great losses of manpower among terrorists.

Yesterday near the town of Snizhne Ukrainian armed forces forces destroyed 11 ‘Grad’ systems, 3 tanks and 5 armoured infantry vehicles. According to preliminary calculations terrorists lost about 100 people. According to radio interceptions there has began a panic among terrorists.

During the last day the ATO forces had 22 armed clashes with terrorists in the areas of number of settlements.

In Luhansk oblast on August 20 during the performance of combat mission Ukrainian MI-24 was shot down by terrorists. This news was already reported yesterday. Today NSDC spokesman added that that unfortunately the crew – 2 pilots – died.

Russia continues to shell positions of the ATO forces from its territory. During the last 24 hours there were 10 shellings. The positions of State Border Service were shelled from Russian territory twice. Yesterday Ukrainian border guards checkpoint ‘Stanychno-Lhanske’ was shelled from 07.15 pm to 07.45 pm and from 08.05 pm to 08.20 pm. There were 70 and 56 mortar shots respectively.

Russian continues active reconnaissance using drones in Luhansk oblast and along the Azov Sea coast.

Source: NSDC

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