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Access to Crimean beaches might be restricted

Access to Crimean beaches restricted

Crimean ‘chairman’ Sergey Aksenov signed guidelines for use of beach areas on the territory of peninsula. The recommendations limit access to beaches.

Crimean minister of resorts and tourism Elena Yurchenko informed this. ‘We have a bright event’, – she boasted. – ‘chairman of the republic has signed this order – guidelines on using beach areas in Crimean Republic’.

In addition, the minister boasted that the document completely corresponds to Russian legislation.

‘The most important starting point – it meets Federal legislation, meanwhile it doesn’t exclude specifics that we have in Crimea’, – Yurchenko said.

Control and determining functionality of beaches lies on municipal authorities that will have to create commissions.

Meanwhile the minister wasn’t ready to tell what percentage of Crimean beaches falls under access limitation.


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