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What is this website about?


 We’ve been pondering on idea of this website for quite a long time before it was actually launched.

Our initial intention was to tell the world about beauty of our country and great people that live here.

However, about two years ago we had to change plans due to situation in Ukraine. When our country faced fight against corruption which was followed by treachery of the ‘brother’ Russia, we couldn’t stand aside.

Even before beginning annexation of Crimean Peninsula, Russian Federation started information war against Ukraine. Whole 140 000 000 nation was told dirty lies about Revolution of Dignity, fascist movement ruling Ukraine and bloody Banderivists who killed Russian-speaking people.

And surprisingly, most of Russian nation believed it, former brothers began to see us as enemies.

So that we started to counteract by telling the world what is happening in Ukraine.


 Why writing about Ukraine?


Russian propaganda spread fast and its influence was more destructive than anyone could imagine.

In this situation we weren’t the only people in Ukraine and beyond its borders who understood the looming dangers and decided to counteract.

And here is what we’ve come to: negative about Ukraine is everywhere. Each day you can read military reports about ceasefire violations and Minsk Agreement failures, about corrupted government and its lack of desire to reform the country.

There is another side, of course, there are people who work hard in their spheres for the sake of country, be it medicine, literature, music, travel business. They are amazing, they change the country by changing themselves and people around them. And they are the people whose stories we need to share.

We are quite aware of military and political issues in Ukraine and we still do write about them, but that is not the final goal.

What we are trying to do here is to tell that Ukraine is beautiful. That there are millions of amazing people beyond the veil of corruption and lies. They deserve to be known.

Despite all bad things happening in Ukraine, we are proud of our country and our nation We believe that every single person can contribute to Ukrainian future in its own way by becoming good example to follow. So we try to do our job well to ensure that world knows the truth about good side of our motherland.


Eager to help? This is easy!


If you support Ukraine and want to help, this might be easier than you think!

Simply read latest Ukrainian news, hit share buttons and follow us in social networks.

If you have any suggestions how to improve work of our website or there is something you would like us to write about, email us at

Also visit ‘Help Ukraine’ page and get some pictures for social networks.

History of our country and the whole world is being written today. Contribute to it by being involved. Only together we can win this battle for freedom.



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  2. Sergey Kulpin


    I have found your website on google, searching for travel tips. I liked the content on your website, which I read with interest.

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  3. Finley Rodrigue

    There’s definitely a lot to learn about this subject. I really like all of the points you made.

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