Life in Ukraine. Live, @ first hand.

Powered Black Sea Fleet soldiers on the territory of Ukraine at the checkpoint “Crimea-Kuban” armed men broke through and captured the border department “Kerch”.

About it on your website according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

In particular, the State Border Service informs that today, about 19 hours a checkpoint for the ferry “Crimea-Kuban” to enter Ukraine arrived ferry “Yeisk.” When checking two minibuses in one of them was found 7 armed with automatic weapons and pistols people. Permits for import to Ukraine of firearms in these individuals was not. Requirements boundary order to prohibit the importation of firearms in Ukraine have been ignored. With the arrival of these vehicles from the Ukraine in the checkpoint rushed 10 armed with assault rifles and machine guns BSF troops who drove the border guard and took up firing positions on the perimeter.

In the next ferry crossing point “Crimea-Kuban” came three trucks “Kamaz” with armed men. Ignoring all the legitimate demands of the boundary order, those soldiers who were already at the checkpoint, border guards threatening the use of weapons, drove them from the ferry, and cars again broke through the checkpoint in the direction of Ukraine.

In the future, a group of armed men in vans and “Kamaz” with the use of physical force took place of deployment of Border Service “Kerch” State Border Service.

Their actions impede the implementation of the Russian military crossing operations and impede the implementation of relevant international agreements, the report says.

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