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Abolition of immunity of deputies and creation of military police

February 2, 2015

Plans of parliament for this week

Abolition of immunity of deputies and creation of military police

Here is the schedule of Verkhovna Rada for this week. The parliament of Ukraine plans to consider and discuss the following matters.

Tuesday, February 3 – the parliament will consider the draft laws of Military Police and military and civilian administrations.

Wednesday, February 4. On this day the Verkhovna Rada plans to consider draft resolution of the statement of VR ‘On ensuring peace and stability in eastern Ukraine’ (1847); in addition it will consider the issues of ratification: draft ratification of agreement between Ukraine and EU concerning the status of Advisory Mission of EU on reform of civil security sector in Ukraine and also draft law on ratification of agreement between governments of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine on establishment of joint military unit.

As for Thursday, February 5, the parliament has to consider amendment to Ukrainian Constitution (concerning immunity of MPs and judges). In addition, there VR will discuss the draft law on state regional policy and voluntary association of local communities.

On Friday, February 5, the Parliament is to listen to the report of Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema about state of legitimacy in country in 2014.


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