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A bus with children seized by terrorists is already at Russian frontier

Vehicle that transported orphans was seized by terrorists this morning

Vehicle that transported orphans was seized by terrorists this morning


June 12, 2014 – Donetsk State Administration: The whereabouts of a bus intercepted by terrorist this morning were ascertained. Children don’t have necessary documents to cross the boarder.

‘According to data from Family and Youth centre bus with children went to town Krasniy Luch (Luganska oblast) and then headed to checkpoint ‘Dovzanskiy’.

Children are at the border at the moment. Nothing is known about the plans of those who have intercepted the bus this morning.

It was underlined by Donetsk State Administration that children and their escort don’t have necessary documents for crossing the border.

It was mentioned that State Administration is taking every possible measure to save life and health of the children.

It was informed earlier that this morning a bus with 25 children (including orphans from children’s house of family type) headed from Snizne to Dnipripetrovsk. The children were headed to health recovery centre.

On departure from the town the bus escorted by traffic police car was detained. Escorting car was cut off by representatives of Donetsk National Republic.

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