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85 cases of shelling during the last day

85 cases of shelling during the last day

During the last day positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and peaceful settlements were shelled 85 times.

Press service of anti-terrorist operation informs this.

According to them, Donetsk sector remains to be the region of the highest tension in Donbas. 52 cases of shelling were registered there.

This information is confirmed by coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmitriy Tymchuk.

According to him, Russia terrorist forces in Donbas keep conducting active shelling using different weapons. There are also armed clashes between Ukrainian military units and terrorist groups that happen along the contact line as well as in tactical rears of UA forces. Terrorists try to conduct reconnaissance and activate subversive terrorist activity in tactical rear of Ukrainian troops. On separate parts of contact line reconnaissance in being carried out using technical means like drones etc.

Fighters keep firing with weapons of prohibited calibers, for example 122 and 152 mm artillery, 120 mm mortars. Experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group also register activity of sniper units of the enemy.

Terrorist try to reduce losses

Russia backed force try to change their tactic in order to reduce number of losses when attacking ATO forces and increase effectiveness.

In particular, they try to offense in ‘task groups’ that are supposed to cooperate with each other. These groups include: fire group supported by artillery group (they cover up activity of infantry or snipers who need to occupy or abandon their positions), several infantry groups, sometimes sniper units and subversive groups.

Terrorist try to establish complete cooperation in tactical links and avoid acting like a crowd.

According to IR experts, currently this tactic is not flawless due to lack of desire to perform the orders correctly among the local commanders and ‘veterans of local wars’.

Source:, press center of anti-terrorist operation, coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmitriy Tymchuk

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