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7 Pitfalls of Getting Tech Education at Ukrainian Governmental Universities

Together with India, Ukraine is at the forefront worldwide when it comes to highly qualified IT professionals. Ukrainians now constitute a large share of the workforce in many tech companies, regardless of size.

This may be sending the message that Ukrainian universities prepare top-notch specialists. And their expertise reaches far beyond IT professionals graduating in other countries. 

However, the tribute should be paid to the specialists themselves. Self-education plays a key role in their professional development and success.
Ukrainian tech universities still provide students with an education that is highly focused on mathematics and physics. This is not a bad scenario in itself.

Yet, many entities simply follow patterns established in the USSR a long time ago. Such high demands concerning tech disciplines make it easier for students to join the IT field. 

Therefore, there are both advantages and disadvantages of studying tech in Ukrainian governmental universities. In this article, let’s focus on the pitfalls.

High Demands

The universities in Ukraine are as demanding as any other higher education institution worldwide. However, if you choose a tech major, be prepared for super difficult assignments in Math and Physics. 

Even if your major is formally related to technologies, all your assignments and dissertations are likely to be Math related. Anyway, there are websites that can help you get through any academic hurdle.

Low Sustainability

Education in Ukraine is considered by many as outdated. Indeed, IT specialties are the most advanced and require up-to-date approaches.

Still, the teaching methods used in Ukrainian universities are largely soviet. Overall, these universities teach students how to study instead of helping them find information and learn what is really critical for their profession. 

Therefore, theoretical knowledge prevails a lot, leaving little room for practice.

Low Morale Among Teachers

Educators are usually underpaid in Ukrainian society that leads to low morale. Unofficial payments for some benefits during the exam sessions are common. 

Many teachers are open to such kinds of bribes, making them the only way to get credit for a course. Unfortunately, such an approach demotivates students, leaving them dissatisfied with their education.

Shrinking Quality of Education

Historically, education used to be a matter of pride for all the republics of the USSR. And there were many educated professionals in different fields. Today, the level of education services is a matter of heated discussions.

Ukraine spends over 6% of its GDP on education, making it free and accessible for every citizen. Yet, the outcome is not as good as expected. 

Some of this money never reaches universities. Another share is spent without strategic planning. It only deepens the pit for Ukrainian education.

Lack of Autonomy

Many reputable universities all over the world enjoy autonomy. They make their own money and distribute it according to their needs. 

In Ukraine, the cases of institutions with such autonomy are scarce. Unfortunately, education plans, curricula, and other key categories should be agreed at the ministerial level. 

Therefore, many talented IT specialists have to study extra to get the profession they need. They see university as a trampoline from school to adult life. During these 4-6 years, they feel they need to invest in their self-education.

No Recognition

You may hear from time to time how students from MIT or other well-known universities win global awards and participate in tough competitions. 

Ukrainian universities also send their students to regional competitions and exchange programs. But they are not recognized as reputable and credible educational institutions throughout the world. 

In other words, you can graduate from it with flying colors and fail to land a job in the competition with graduates from other European universities.

Low Student Mobility Level

Transfers from university to university or changes in majors are not common in Ukraine. If you started your education willing to become a civil engineer, you have to stick to it until graduation. 

If you decide to change something, you will need to go through the red tape hell. Therefore, student mobility within the country is very low. 

Many people choose to move abroad and graduate there if they have a chance.

The Taras Shevchenko University Library.

Final Words

Education in Ukraine is accessible. Moreover, the underlying basis for the development of education, as well as its potential, are very strong. However, Ukraine should rebrand its universities, allowing them to have more autonomy. 

They have to follow the example of the world’s best educational institutions. There is a need to change the curriculum and adopt cutting-edge approaches to education. 

Moreover, Ukrainian universities should be allowed to make money and spend it on their infrastructure and material base. They will have a chance to compete with the world’s titans like Stanford or MIT.

Until such transformations are conducted, the quality of tech education in Ukraine relies merely on self-education and study abroad experiences of the best students.

The article is written by Jeremy Williams, a passionate writer who covers education and marketing. Jeremy works with Essaypro writing service, a resource that employs the best essay writers and connects talented authors with students from all over the world to help them develop better writing skills.

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