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6 Russian tactical missile complexes on the border near Donetsk oblast

November 4, 2014

Russian militants instead of local fighters have arrived to Horlivka

6 Russian tactical missile complexes on the border near Donetsk oblast

Here is an operative data from Experts of Information Resistance group.

After leader of terrorist group Igor Bezler [call sign Bes – Demon] had ‘retired’ and left the settlement of Horlivka there arrived Russian militants. Experts register armed clashes between local fighters and Russian servicemen. Sub-units of Russian Armed Forces destroyed base of fighters from Horlivka located on the territory of a plant.

There continues swinging of forces and equipment of Russian Armed Forces to the area of settlement of Alchevsk-Stakhanov-Pervomaisk. There have arrived armored vehicles for the so-called mechanized brigade ‘Ghost / Phantom’ [commander – A. Mozgovoy]. There also arrives cannon artillery.

There continues deployment of sub-unit of Russian Air Defense. Experts have registered arrival of systems S-300. Meanwhile, the work of radar for these complexes has not been registered.

Russian soldiers in Donbas under the guise of DNR rebels

Military equipment and weapons arrive from Russia to the settlement of Makiivka [Donetsk oblast]. There military equipment is being repainted into the color of Ukrainian Armed Forces – green matte with 2 parallel vertical stripes. The numbers are being painted.

Experts also register arrival of Russian military equipment to the settlement of Telmanovo and Novoazovsk [South of Donetsk oblast].

Ukrainian-Russian border

Personnel of border troops of Russian Federation located near border of Ukrainian Luhansk oblast have been transferred to higher decree of combat readiness.

There has been registered arrival of subdivision of [6 launchers] of Russian tactical missile complexes ‘Iskander’ to border zone of Russian federation opposite Ukrainian Donetsk oblast.

Source: Information Resistance group

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