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56 cases of terrorist shelling and 3 lost lives during the last day

November 24, 2014

During the last day 3 Ukrainian Serviceman were killed in zone of anti-terrorist operation

56 terrorist shellings and 3 lost lives during the last day

Press service of anti-terrorist operation informs about this in social networks.

‘During the last day Ukrainian servicemen lost 3 fighters’, – they inform.

In additions the press service reports about 56 attempts to attack positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation using different types of weapon.

Luhansk, Donetsk and Debaltsevo directions remain to be places of highest terrorist activity.

In particular, there were registered: 40 cases of terrorist shelling of positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces with artillery and mortars, 5 cases of shelling with small arms, one fire contact using tank and 9 cases of using of multiple rocket launcher systems.

Source:, press service of ATO


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