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5 steps for real anti-corruption changes for Ukraine

December 3, 2014

Recommended steps for real anti-corruption changes in Ukraine

5 steps for real anti-corruption changes for Ukraine

According to data from Transparency International, Ukraine remains among the most corrupted countries in the world ranking 142-nd place of 175.

Once again Ukraine is on the same rank of corruption with Uganda and Comoro Islands.

Ukraine still continues to stay in the club of countries with extremely corrupted government. However, Transparency International registers some positive changes in anti-corruption steps of the country – in course of this year bureaucracy has been suffocating business less, export and import have become slightly freer from bribes.

Transparency International calls of government, parliament and President of Ukraine to take 5 immediate steps for real anti-corruption changes:

  1. Launch new anti-corruption bodies properly by having edits to anti-corruption laws and having provided necessary resources for creation of institutions for recruitment of qualified personnel.
  2. Immediately adopt developed by experts legislation on complete transparency of finances of political parties and election campaigns.
  3. Develop detailed plan of action of the government in sphere of fight against corruption on the basis of Anti-Corruption strategy of Ukraine. General public and media should be involved into its implementation.
  4. Provide real disclosure of data from state registers, primarily property registry and land cadastre.
  5. Start regular checks of officials for virtue, including by comparing of the lifestyle with declared property and fortune.


Previously we reported that Transparency International considers Ukraine among most corrupted countries of the world.



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