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5 Rock Songs Based on Shevchenko’s Poems

While coronavirus is raging in the streets, many of us are staying home working remotely, spending time with our families and waiting for the pandemic storm to pass. It is high time to listen to some good music and to fill ourselves up with the life energy that is radiated by the works of our most prominent poet, Taras Shevchenko. These 5 rock songs will make you see that today Kobzar is more up-to-date and relevant than ever.


Kuzma believed that getting acquainted with Shevchenko’s poems through contemporary music can motivate many people to take a fresh look at Taras Shevchenko, his creative heritage and poetry in general. The band recorded the song “Okh, ne odnakovo meni” (“Oh, It Is Not the Same to Me”) based on the eponymous poem by Kobzar.


The band’s album Eternity includes 15 tracks that are infused with social themes and are a certain creative reflection of the recent social perturbations and political events in Ukraine. “Kosar” has been a pleasant surprise for the band’s fans. This is the only song in the album, the author of which is not Sashko Polozhynsky. “Kosar” is a poem by Taras Shevchenko, which, thanks to the Tartak band, has received a fresh rock sound.

Ot Vinta

Ukrainian rock band “Ot Vinta” in cooperation with the “Light Dance Company” have managed to create an original, fun and stylish rendering of one of Shevchenko’s poems that will not fail to cheer you up. Enjoy their rousing and foot-tapping video “Kokhaites, chornobrovi!” (“Love each other, the dark-browed ones”).

Kozak System

Kozak System is a Ukrainian band that came into existence in February 2012. In their debut album Saber, the musicians combine verses of the outstanding contemporary poets with folk texts and iconic poems by Taras Shevchenko. The album includes a song called “Haydamatska” based on one of Kobzar’s poems.

Komu vnyz

Legends of Ukrainian gothic rock KOMU VNYZ released a whole album devoted to Shevchenko’s poetry called “4: Shevchenko”. The tracks in the album are inspired by Kobzar’s personality and poetry. Watch their video “Subotiv” which dwells on some of the most dramatic pages of Ukrainian history.

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