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5 attacks at Ukrainian strongholds during the last day

October 3, 2014

During the last day the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces were shelled more than 40 times. Our forces repel attacks at the strongholds

5 attacks at Ukrainian strongholds during the last day

Operative data from ‘Information Resistance’ group about current situation in the conflict zone.

During the last day, the forces of the enemy tried to assault the strongholds of Ukrainian troops 5 times. There was attacks at the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces near the settlements of Starognatovka, Nevelskoe and Popansa. Donetsk airport was attacked twice. The attacks were successfully repelled, the enemy suffered losses and retreated.

More than 40 cases of shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces by sub-units of Armed Forces of Russian Federation were registered. The enemy used mortars, cannon and rocket artillery, tanks, anti-tank systems and small arms.

Since 04.30 am the enemy began shelling of positions of the ATO forces in the area of Debaltsevo.

The regrouping of Russian-terrorist troops has been registered. The additional sub-units are being transferred in the area of settlements of Debaltsevo, Lysychansk, Shchastya.

Russian company tactical group with infantry figting vehicles BMP-2 has been transferred in the area of settlement of Vergulevka [Perevalskiy region, Luhansk oblast].

Losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces during the last day – 1 dead, 18 wounded. - NSDC

There continues concentration of attack tactic group of Russian-terrorist troops in the area of settlements of Olgynka, Dokuchaevsk and Novotroitsk. During the last days there arrived 4 MRLS BM-21 [Multiple rocket launcher system] and up to 2 batteries of howitzers each consisting of 6 guns.

There has been registered the arrival of complex of automation facilities for control of artillery fire of 1V12-3 ‘Machine-M’ type and Russian mobile command observation post1V126 ‘Kapustnik-B’.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group

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