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During 4 days fighters killed more than 60 civilians who had helped Ukrainian army

October 13, 2014

In Luhansk oblast terrorists killed more than 60 civilians who had helped Ukrainian Armed Forces

During 4 days fighters killed more than 60 civilians who had helped Ukrainian army

Hear of the staff of volunteer special battalion ‘Shtorm’ in Odessa oblast Andriy Melnik reported this during press conference in Odessa Crisis Media Center.

According to him, when Ukrainian militants retreated from the town of Lutuhyno [Luhansk oblast] in September, there came groups of fighters form Chechen republic, Southern Ossetia. They killed civilians who had previously helped Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to A. Melnik, on the first day since Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated from several settlement of Luhansk oblast, terrorists executed 22 people. They didn’t bury him, the bodies were left near solid waste landfills. During the next 3 days more than 40 civilian were executed. Local residents who later managed to leave the territory controlled by terrorists informed this.

In total, terrorists executed more than 60 civilians. A. Melnik added that fighters didn’t allow to bury the dead. The same terrorist groups robbed the houses of civilians.

According to the commander of battalion, fighters of ‘Shtorm’ have been serving their duty in the ATO zone for 4 months.

Battalion commander also spoke about attitude of local residents toward militants.

According to him, the situation is not homogeneous. People are angry with everyone. There is no clear division between those who support Ukraine and those who do not. People are angry at this war. They see potential danger in every armed man. Armed people seem to be the reason why locals have to endure hardship and life under shelling. They just want peace. It doesn’t matter for them who would bring this peace.


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