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4 attacks at Donetsk airport on October 1, 2014. The enemy suffers losses

October 2, 2014

More than 30 cases of shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces over the last day

4 attacks at Donetsk airport on October 1, 2014. The enemy suffers losses

Operative data from ‘Information Resistance’ group

During the last day there were registered more than 30 attacks at positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russian-terrorist troops used tanks, mortars, cannon artillery, multiple rocket launcher systems and small arms for shelling.

There were 4 attacks of Donetsk airport. Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled the attack, the enemy suffered substantial losses.

At 06.00 am there has begun new massive assault at the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces located near Donetsk airport.

Positions of our troops were shelled:

  • checkpoint near the settlement of Nikishyno – 6 times
  • positions near the settlement of Redkodub – 4 times
  • sub-units located near the settlement of Tonenkoe – 3 times
  • positions of the forces of anti-terrorist operation near the settlements of Avdeevka, Krasnogorivka, Maloorlovka, Ostraya Mohyla hill – 2 times
  • also there was shelling of positions of Ukrainian armed forces near the settlements of Shchastya, Peskim Popasna, Yelenovka.

Transfer of 1 tank, 18 infantry fighting vehicles and 20 trucks from Russian to Donbas was registered at the checkpoint ‘Izvaryno’. Meanwhile, 2 ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems, 4 infantry fighting vehicles and 47 trucks entered Russian territory.

There was registered withdrawal of some troops from Luhansk that previously had arrived from Krasnodon [Russia]. The fighters are transferred to Russian territory to the training center of Russian Armed Forces in the area of the city Rostov-on-Don. Terrorists were informed that after training they would be sent to territories controlled by Ukrainian army as sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Source: ‘Information Resistance’ group

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