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300 Ukrainians are kept hostages by fighters

300 Ukrainians are kept hostages by fighters

1 200 Ukrainians are considered missing. 2 volunteers have recently been released from capture.

2 volunteers have been released from capture due to joint work of Ukrainian Security Service, department of interaction of Defense Ministry and Minsk group on humanitarian issues.

Advisor to deputy Minister of Defense Vasyl Budyk informed this.

1 200 people are missiong in Donbas, 300 are kept hostages

According to head of committee of Verkhovna Rada on issues of European Integration and representative of Ukraine in Tripartite Work Group on implementation of Minsk agreements Iryna Herashchenko more than 300 Ukrainian are currently kept hostages by fighters.

In addition, 1 200 people are missing.

She underlined that Ukraine wants involve the International Committee of the Red Cross to process of finding, identification of dead bodies in Donbas. However, Russian Federation doesn’t agree to this. According to Russian positions, in order to involve somebody in process of bodies identification agreement of the ones who will get help is needed.

In this way Russian side blocks initiatives aimed at de-escalation and humanitarian help.

In addition, Iryna Herashchenko regretted that process of liberation of hostages is too slow. During the last months only 5 people were released from capture.

According to Security Service of Ukraine, about 30 Ukrainians are kept hostage on the territory of Russian Federation.


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