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More than 300 cases of shelling over the last days and destroyed depot of terrorists

More than 300 cases of shelling over the last days

During August 11-13 situation in zone of anti-terrorist operation was tense. Illegal armed formations of DNR and LNR violated ceasefire regime 336 times.

Spokesperson of ATO headquarters Anatoliy Stelmah informed this during skype connection with Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Russia-backed fighters keep using artillery of 152 mm caliber and mortars of 120 mm caliber to shell positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and peaceful settlements.

They fired at such settlements as Talakivka, Pavlopol, Starognativka, Pervimaisk, Shyrokine, Avdiivka, Opytne and others.

Locations of shelling can be found on the map above.


Artillery of Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed terrorists’ depot of ammunition and fuel.

Unian reports this with reference to Advisor to the President Yuriy Biriykov.

According to him, Ukrainian forces fired in response to enemy’s shelling.

Previously they informed OSCE and special commission about fact of shelling and intention to bring artillery back to the front for short period of time.

Biriukov said that Ukrainian forces used multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’ and self propelled artillery ‘Gvozdyka’.

The shells hit depot of fuel and ammunition for cannon artillery. In addition, several howitzers D30 and heavy mortars were destroyed.


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