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3 supply convoys and T-72 tanks entered Donbas

February 24, 2015

Russian Federation continues sending its military equipment and manpower to Ukrainian Donbas

3 supply convoy and T-72 tanks entered Donbas

Coordinator of ‘Information resistance’ group, MP Dmitriy Tymchuk informed this.

According to him, in course of the last day there was registered movement of 3 supply convoys. One of them consisted of 22 transport units and went to Donetsk.

Mr. Tymchuk also mentioned increasing number of T-72 tanks of different modifications which arrive from territory of Russian Federation. Ukrainian Armed Forces don’t have such tanks. Previously Russian Federation used to send mostly T-64 tanks. Ukraine also has tanks of this modification in disposal.

In the area to the south from Luhansk city there was organized a choke point. Military equipment that arrives from Russian Federation comes there.


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