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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Places You Can Stop By on a Road Trip in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of those charming countries that is filled with beauty, natural landscapes, history, culture, nightlife, and all sorts of activities that suit many tourists. Because of all it has to offer, it is a great place for a vacation regardless of what type of travel you enjoy and what you’re looking for in […]

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The 75th Anniversary of Victory over Nazism: No Mass Events Due to Quarantine

According to the results of the survey, almost half of Ukrainians surveyed (by the Foundation for Democratic Initiatives in conjunction with the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.) believe that the date of May 9 is, first of all, the victory of the people in the Great Patriotic War and the events on this day cannot […]

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Reasons to Travel to Ukraine after COVID-19


During the COVID-19 lockdown, leaving the house has become a dream for many people, let alone traveling abroad. Planning a trip for when the pandemic is finally over is the one luxury most people can rejoice in for the time being. Among the nicest travel destinations, one should consider visiting after lockdown is Ukraine. This […]

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