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Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Silver Strings of Ukraine

From the 18th century to the modern day the bandura has been the living memory and the singing soul of Ukraine. Today its popularity is growing with bold takes on classic hits. The bandura is one of the most beloved Ukrainian musical instruments. It is even called the “silver strings of Ukraine.” It became popular […]

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Breaking the Silence: New Ukrainian Video Poetry

We invite you to enjoy the surreal ambience of the five original Ukrainian video poems. Breaking the Silence (2017)is a cycle composed of five video poems united by their meditative atmosphere and otherworldly visual imagery. The project was put into life by PicOi LIVE Production. It consolidates under its umbrella poetic works of well-known Ukrainian […]

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12 things you may not know about Ukraine

An ultimate list of surprising must-know-about-Ukraine facts from Kiron Reid Kiron Reid is a Liberal activist, writer, researcher, lecturer, and a very welcome guest in Ukraine. In his speech, full of warm humour, he offers a touchingly personal perspective on Ukraine’s extremely motley cultural and social mosaic. You will hear about the usual suspects such […]

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