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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Hear voice of Ukraine through literature – you can help to!

hear voice of Ukraine via literature

The image of Ukrainian literature has been greatly influenced by Russian authors. Ukrainians are often portrayed as negative characters or are just made invisible. However, this image does not correspond to reality. It was Ukrainians who opposed the mad oligarch and set the winter of 2014 on fire. They acted against the expectations of the […]

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February 18-21, 2014 in Ukraine – photo and video chronicle of Revolution of Dignity

These days Ukraine commemorates the memory of Heavenly Hundred – people who died during the Revolution of Dignity (or Euromaidan) in late 2013 – early2014. On February 18-21 activist hold a number of activities among which are: a minute of silence in memory of killed heroes, audio and video installations, film demonstrations and multimedia project […]

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One year after Minsk II [infographic]

Minsk II

It has been one year since the second Minsk agreement was signed in order to bring peace to Ukraine. As it was expected, decisions reached at the summit did not work. Right after signing the Minsk II Russia worked hard to demonstrate its entire attitude to the document. The ceasefire was to be implemented few […]

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Folk instruments orchestra makes ‘Rolling in the Deep’ sound like it never did before

This folk instrument orchestra makes 'Rolling in the Deep' sound like it never did before

What does one need to make a great cover in era of YouTube? Not much really. Some people make it using their voice only, some use guitars, other rock string instruments like cello or violin, piano masters don’t stand aside as well. But today we’re going to talk about the people who do great covers the […]

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How do you make a fake in 20 minutes – Azov regiment

Serviceman of Azov regiment explains the art of fake making

In mid January there appeared a fake video of fighters from Ukrainian Azov regiment. In this video 6 man dressed in military uniform stand holding weapons and address Netherlands people. They threaten to come to their country to bring terror in case Netherlands don’t vote for association with Ukraine. In Ukrainian mass media that was […]

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