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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Danylo Lubkivsky: Increasing pressure is applied on Russia in international organizations

Kyiv, 27 March, 2014 – Danylo Lubkivsky, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, announced at the briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center that Ukraine is witnessing unprecedented international support: “Increasing pressure is applied on the aggressor in international organizations. A formal complaint was filed by 41 nations in the UN Human Rights Council […]

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Experts: Ukraine needs to go through a difficult path of reforms in order not to lose the chance of becomeing a part of European society

Kyiv, 27 March, 2014. Ukraine Crisis Media Center launched a round table expert debate on “European choice of Ukraine – a chance for unity and reforms” bringing together experts from a variety of spheres. Basic points of the speakers werwe: Vadym Tryukhan, expert on international and European law, states that Ukraine has made its choice: […]

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Yevgen Marchuk: In the Next Two Days Ukraine Will Reach the Most Critical Point in Its Independent History

Kyiv, 27 March 2014 – During a briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Mr. Marchuk presented his view of what is going on at the eastern and southeastern borders of Ukraine: “There are some indicators suggesting that within the next two days a serious provocation can occur. From the point of view of common […]

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Victoria Syumar: Russian TV propaganda is a real threat to the national security of Ukraine and people’s lives

Kyiv, 27 March, Ukraine Crisis Media Center – Victoria Syumar, media expert and Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, has commented on the decision of the Kyiv administrative court to prohibit broadcasting of the Russian TV channels (NTV, Russia 24, First Channel and RTR) in Ukraine. As she has stated, “ Information […]

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Olha Bogomolets: What Happened on February 18-20 on Maidan was Genocide Against the Ukrainian People

Kyiv , 27 March 2014. Olga Bogomolets, Ruslana Lyzhychko, and activists of EuroMaidan SOS called for an independent investigation into the tragic events in Kyiv, as well as commemoration of the “Heavenly Hundred” [the approximately 100 Maidan activists killed during the protests against the Yanukovych government]. Olga Bogomolets, who helped organize medical hospital during the […]

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Ukrainian dream

Ukraine’s Energy Security Can Be Ensured by Quickly Expanding Reverse-Direction Pipeline Capacity

Kyiv, March 26, 2014 – Experts called for immediate resolution of the issue of reverse flow of natural gas to replace expensive Russian gas with less expensive European gas. “By April 10–15, we will be in danger of having no imported gas or gas in storage, and our own production without Chornomornaftogaz [Naftogaz’s Black Sea […]

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Ex-First Deputy Chief of Defense: Action Range of Russian Military Forces Covers Entire Ukraine, Further Invasion Scenario Likely

Kyiv, 26 March 2014 – “From the military point of view, current situation in Ukraine is classified as a war despite no armed fight back from our side. The government has to admit this fact and give up its actual strategy of non-provoking, act in a decisive and tough manner following a new counter-strategy”, – […]

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Adam Kobieracki: All sides will benefit from the decision to deploy an OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

Kyiv, March 25th, 2014 – Adam Kobieracki, Acting OSCE Chief Monitor to Ukraine, Ambassador (Poland) gave details of the decision of the Permanent Council of the OSCE to deploy a Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine. Consensus on the mandate could be reached due to the readiness of all participating States to continue dialogue and search […]

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Yevgeniy Utkin, Tatyana Popova and Ellina Shnurko-Tabakova Announce the Launch of Coordination Center for Information and Communication Technologies warroom.todayv

Kyiv, 25 March 2014 – Speaking at a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, famous entrepreneur Yevgeniy Utkin announced the launch of the Coordination Center for Information and Communication Technologies According to Mr. Utkin, the work of the center is twofold: firstly, it addresses the urgent issues and establishes horizontal connections between […]

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