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200 years since birth of author of UA anthem music

Marks 200 years since birth of Mykhailo Verbytskiy

20 years since birth of author of UA anthem music

Mykhailo Berbytskiy – Ukrainian priest, composer, conductor, public activist and author of music to national anthem of Ukraine.

This day Ukraine celebrates the day of his birthday on state level.

In the village of Mlyny [today is territory of Poland] there will be memorial divine service in the place where Ukrainian priest and composer was buried. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will visit his tomb.

The official website of the head of state informs the following: ‘Today we celebrate 2 significant and interconnected dates. It marks 200 years since birth of composer, author of Ukrainian Nationa anthem Mykhailo Verbytskiy and 150 years since the anthem ‘Ukraine has not yet died’ was performed in public’.

An exhibition dedicated to 200 anniversary of birth of Verbitskiy was presented in Lviv museum of History of Religion.

The exhibition presents data about birth of Ukrainian composer, documents from Greek Catholic Theological Academy in Lviv (lists of seminarians, exam information), short manuscript on playing the guitar, photographs of place important for Verbytskiy, churches where he served.

The national bank introduces new coin in commemoration of the composer – 2 hryvnias ‘Mykhailo Verbitskiy’. The coin is made of nickel silver, category of coinage quality is ‘special uncirculated’. The coin weights 12.8 g., its diameter is 31.0 mm.

30 thousand coins were made.


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