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2 opinions on the expansion of powers of National Security and Defense Council

December 25, 2014

Expansion of NSDC powers receives contradictory reactions


2 opinions on the expansion of powers of National Security and Defense Council

NSDC secretary Turchynov

The adoption of the law that expands powers of National Security and Defense Council has received homogeneous reactiona mong officials. Here we present two opposite points of view.

Opinion1 – director of sociological service ‘Ukrainian barometer’ Victor Nebozhenko.

According to him, the decision about NSDC adopted by the parliament will ensuse that this structure will become kind of a platfor for interaction between threee branches of government.

Mr.Nebozhenko explained hat the reason of failure of the first voting was that nobody explained to the deputies that NSDC would become military and political center of the state.

‘We are in state of war, we cannot declare war on Russian that is why there is no Supreme Commander. National Security and Defense Council, which secretary is Oleksandr Tynchynov, will perform this function’, – said Nebozhenko.

According to him, the law has indeed adopted the positions it has not had before, however, we have not had the war either.

‘This will be personal political responsibility of NSDC secretary Turchynov. Now NSDC will become kind of platform for cooperation of all 3 branches of authority. It is on the NSDC meeting where representatives of Parliament, Ministry Cabinet and Presidential Administratio will have to come to consensus baased on very strict criteria – Ukraine’s national security and strenghtening of country’s defense capability’.

2 opinions on the expansion of powers of National Security and Defense Council

Leshchenko in the Parliament

Opinin two – MP Sergiy Leshchenko, member of ‘Block of Petro Poroshenko’.

Mr. Leshchenko underlines that the adopted decision violates laws and Contitution of Ukraine.

After the first reading of the vote failed PMs were allowed to submit corrections to it. However, the submitted correction were not taken into account. In two days since the first voting the draft law appeared on the list of voting without previous voting to come back to this issue.

In addition, Mr. Leshchenko claimed that Turchynov blackmailed MPs so that they would adopt that decision.



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