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17 police officers wounded during clashes near the building of Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv

October 14, 2014

Today during clashes near the building of Verkhovna Rada 17 police officers were wounded

17 police officers wounded during clashes near the building of Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv

Advisor to Minister of Interna Affairs Zorian Shkiryak reported this on his Facebook.

‘The results of today’s provocations near Verkhovna Rada: 17 police officers have been wounded, including 2 with severe injuries. 37 people that have participated in law offense have been detained’.

‘Among detained – police officer who wore a mask. He had slingshot and nuts that used to shoot at window of Verkhovna Rada building, civilians, journalists and police officers’.

Previously UNIAn has reported that today on day of celebration of Holy Virgin All-Ukrainian Union ‘Freedom’ has held traditional march of Glory for Heroes.

Activists of ‘Freedom’ moved in organized column along the streets of Kyiv to the building of Verkhovna Rada. The column consisted of several thousands of people.

 clashes near the building of Verkhovna Rada 17

Activists came to Verkhovna Rada building to express their protest and demanded to admit OUN and UPA [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian rebel army] as fighters for freedom and independence of Ukraine. The protest was calm and organized.

Meanwhile, at midday a group of unknown people wearing masks came to the building of Verkhovna Rada. They had flags of ‘The Right Sector’. Those people threw Molotov cocktails and firecrackers in the house of Parliament. They also had clashes with police officers.

Verkhovna Rada 1

The police detained 36 people.

Later political party ‘Freedom’ and ‘The Right Sector’ officially informed that their people had not been involved in the clashes.

Verkhovna Rada 2

In social networks people spread rumors that today’s protest near the parliamentary building was organized in order to destabilize situation and create nice picture for propaganda of Russian media. In addition, users spread an advertisement that was allegedly published this night. A woman was looking for ‘young stout boys’ aged 20 and more for days work in Kyiv. The work was to begin at 11.30 am and last until 07.00 pm. The woman promised to pay money for the ‘young stout boys’.

Some assumed that she was looking for people to organize the mentioned protest.

Verkhovna Rada 3


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