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162 Ukrainian militants killed since the announcement of ‘silence regime’

December 18, 2014

More than 150 Ukrainian servicemen were killed in anti-terrorist operation zone since the announcement of regime of silence

162 Ukrainian militants killed since the announcement of ‘silence regime’

Acting spokesperson of the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces Vladyslav Seleznyov informed this.

‘In the ranks of Ukrainian Armed Forces 162 servicemen were killed in course of the regime of ‘silence’, – he said.

According to Seleznyov, 300 militants are being treated in military hospitals, including 12 with serious wounds. 185 Ukrainian soldiers are in captivity, 298 are considered missing.

When speaking about current situation in zone of anti-terrorist operation he mentioned that despite the announcement of ‘silence regime’ terrorist fighters continue to carry out shelling.

For the first time he silence regime was announced on October 5, 2014. Since then National Security and Defense Council made several more unsuccessful attempts to implements it, but terrorists continued violating this and other items of Minsk agreements.



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