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1500 Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine on weekend

February 9, 2015

NSDC about number of soldiers that entered Ukraine recently

1500 Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine on weekend

According to national Security and Defense Council, a considerable amount of Russian soldiers and Russian military equipment entered Ukrainian territory on this weekend.

‘1500 Russian soldiers and 300 units of military equipment including multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’ entered Ukrainian-Russian border on February 7-8’, – the NSDC informed.

The columns of military equipment went to Luhansk, Debaltseve and Antratsyt.

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation Colonel Andriy Lysenko informed during press briefinf in Kyiv about continuing violation of Ukrainian border by Russian Armed Forces.

‘According to our reconnaissance Russian Federation continues sending loads of weapons, ammunition and fuel to the occupied territory.

During February 7-8, about 1 500 servicemen of Armed Forces of Russian Federation and more than 300 units of military equipment crossed Ukrainian border at checkpoint ‘Izvaryno’, – Lysenko said.

According to him, the military equipment which entered Ukraine included artillery systems, multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’ and tented trucks.

Source:, National Security and Defense Council

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