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10 Honest Reasons to Visit Kyiv

Honest tips on what to see and where to eat in Kyiv from Honest Guide, the Prague-base video-bloggers

Janek & Honza from Prague hail Kyiv as the new Berlin and a “very very unique” city in this funny and streetwise vlog. They invite you to discover for yourself the must-see gems of Kyiv, including Arsenalna underground station – the deepest metro station in the world (105.5 metres below the ground) which is a real attraction for any metro geek, the Flea market at the Art-Zavod Platforma – the very hipster market with a new theme every month, the very local market at the metro station Lisova, the beach and badass open-air gym in the very centre of the city. On the food map of Honest Guide, you can see such diverse places as the hidden bar/restaurant The Last Barricade, Porter Pub, Milkbar, Bily Nalyv (where each item is 1 euro only!) and the chain restaurant Puzata Hata. The video made with much love and appreciation for the city is definitely worth watching even if you have been to Kyiv many times. Welcome to Kyiv!

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