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10 civilians killed after terrorist shelling of checkpoint

January 13, 2015

Terrorist shelling of Ukrainian checkpoint, 10 civilians killed, 13 wounded

10 civilians killed after terrorist shelling of checkpoint

On January 13, terrorists shelled Ukrainian checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha. The checkpoint was used for passing of civilian vehicles.

According to data from, terrorists launched about 40 shells. Several shells hit the civilian bus.

10 civilians killed, 13 more were wounded.

The checkpoint of Ukrainian Armed Forces was almost completely destroyed.

The information is not confirmed, however, 14-yars old girl might also be killed.

The wounded civilians were urgently evacuated to the town hospital.

As of 07.00 pm the bodies of victims were not yet evacuated from the destroyed bus.

Firstly, the mass media of terrorists reported about destruction of checkpoint of Ukrainian Armed Forces. When the news of killed civilians had spread terrorists started refusing their involvement in shelling. It is possible than, trying to hide crimes of their terrorists, Russian mass media will soon issue another video reportage of Ukrainian hunta and National Guard killing innocent people.

The video down below shows the bus destroyed by terrorist shelling.

Attention! Do not watch the vied if you are sensitive to blood and cruel scenes!

Source:, YouTube

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